Dear Friend Marley


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Marley my friend,
You sing of life as we wish to live
You speak of love as we wish to have
You speak of freedom as we wish to taste
Not a moment in this life to waste

Dear friend Marley,
I hear you sing out of the radio,
I listen to you, sitting beneath the summer sun
A bud in my hand and poetry on my mind
I would have helped you sing
But I don’t know the words to this song

Marley my friend,
The more I listen to you the more you make sense
My tipsy mind questions my existence
Have I lived or merely existed
Have I lived it well or did I have it wasted?

Dear friend Marley
It’s time to go home now,
Go back to the life I had paused for a while
Will you come with me today
Or will you be gone for a while??

I am afraid I’ll lose you there,
I’m afraid you’ll never come back
I wish to talk to you soon
I wish to find you again in this lifetime

So I guess this is goodbye then,
until meet again,
I hope to find you well, my dear friend
You have shown me the way
You have shown me the life
and how to live it each day
I hope I’ll remember the words
The next time we meet
In this lifetime or may be the next.


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