I Will Run

running woman

Photo Source:Β http://thegospelcoalition.org/blogs/tgc/2012/10/16/dear-moms-jesus-wants-you-to-run-2/

I will run,
run ’till I can run no more
I will breathe,
and then, I will run some more
I will sweat;
and then I will bleed,
To what slows me down
I will pay no heed
I might stumble,
and I may fall
But I will run still,
give it my all
I will care not
’bout the sun overhead
I will dare not,
To slowly tread
For this is a journey;
a quest I must fulfill
a measure of my strength,
a test of my will
I will run,
for that is who I am,
a free spirit,
like the rays of the sun



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