Raindrops From The Sky


Photo Source: http://www.listofimages.com/leaf-in-the-rain-nature.html

“How do you feel?” They ask.

“Like raindrops from the sky”, I reply.

Escape like the wind to a distant world where no one finds you but your own soul. A world where the humble trees reflect the serenity of a meditating monk and the nimble stream echoes the vivacity of a newborn.A place where an open mind and closed eyes help you see yourself as nature had meant it to be -stripped off of everything except your humanity. Discover yourself at the end of the road and embrace what you find, only then you shall be like the raindrops from the sky.


  1. Your words were like the raindrops…gently trickling down the blog post, into my eyes, engulfing them and splashing about as my eyes laughed in joy!
    Thank you for this post! It’s an inspirational one! 😀

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