If I Could


Photo Source:Β http://simplyvarunmatic.blogspot.in/2010/10/if-i-could.html

If I could tear this skin apart and break free
If I could jump off the ledge and escape
If I could howl into the darkness
I would; for love calls my name

If I could find my wings and spread them wide
If I could feel the wind kiss my face when I fly
If I could wander off into the open sky
I would; for freedom calls my name

If I could run away and never look back
If I could forget time and lose all track
If I could wake up to a new sunrise
I would; for life calls my name


  1. ….i am so confused if i should play the obvious or the romantic. the former always announces ‘of course you can’ while the latter softly whispers ‘i wish you could’. and they often switch hats too…

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