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As I see the leaves fall, elegantly
Dancing their way down
Onto a solitary trail of stone
Away from the holy crown
Into a haze of emotions I fall
Sinking like a dead weight
Into infinite depths of reminiscences
Of friendship, love and fate

Not a single moment passes
Without the echoes of distant voices
In forgotten dreams and lucid memories
Singing odes of forced choices
A single tear trickles down
The placid face of the happy clown
Lost in life the invisible man
Cherishing the feeling, when he can

Silhouetted against the dim light
The ancient saint whispers
Go on child; move on, it’s time
Before reality disappears
Watery eyed, standing numb
I’m awaken from my reverie
Staring deep into the fiery sun, waiting,
To be released from this misery

The autumn light reflects gold
In the somnolent eyes of the sun
Speaks of hope, to rise;
fight back and gracefully burn.
The phoenix sores in the distant skies
Singing songs of freedom
Of life and love it gives us hope
And the wonderful times to come.


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