The Girl By The Window


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The girl by the window she sits,
draped in thoughts unknown to this world
Eyes in black, beautiful and tired,
She waits for sleep to carry her home

A scarf in maroon sits proud,
Around her neck, flowing down like a fall
Stripes of white on cotton blue,
Sheath her body slim and slender, so well

Arms folded, lips pouted slightly
She looks blankly at the scenery outside
Free flowing in a blur of colors,
Reflecting the expressions on her face

The screen on her lap it blinks,
Plugged in, charged up and screaming
She steals her moment away and dives,
into the banality of life’s beckoning

The train, with time, keeps rolling,
As I try to capture the picture in poetry
The girl by the window sits lost in thoughts
As my words help me narrate her story


Something I wrote about the girl who sat opposite me on the train, while on my weekend trip to Mysore, India.


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