“Every journey a man takes, he learns. He discovers things in and around himself that eventually shape his existence. All it takes is a moment of reflection”

A beauty so pure, elegant and innocent,reflected against the dust colored drapes of the dancing trees , swaying unanimously as one, slowly giving in to the inevitability of the dawning darkness of the clandestine dusk. The bleeding sun at the horizon making every effort to prolong its departure, that painful separation of twelve hours, before it can be reunited with the beauty of the dawn, the love of its life.

Sitting by the open window of the mini bus, looking at the crimson in the eyes of the weeping sky, i could feel the torment that only two souls so deeply connected by the invisible and over powering bonds of an undefinitive love, forced into separation by definite circumstances, could feel. Emotions so overwhelmingly real, one had to be there at that instant to  truly feel its heartbreaking honesty.

I blinked against a sudden rush of the evening wind, which had chosen that precise moment to impose its existence. As I tried to open my slightly burning eyes, a solitary tear desperately fought its way out of the cold, marble eyes of a frozen soul. I quickly made a well rehearsed movement of my hands, that seasoned motion where I murdered any nascent drops of tears that showed a sign of disobedience against my will, while pretending to adjust my spectacles. I turned away, too scared to face the ugly truth in the reality of the fate of the sun and its love. The feeling of helplessness taking over my otherwise placid composure. I turned around and with some difficulty, owing to the crawling darkness, I could see silhouetted faces; faces that seemed so distant and detached, yet, familiar and comforting. Each bejeweled with a different expression, each with its own story. Happy and smiling, singing and celebrating; each in search of their sanctums. Some looking for it in the arms of their lovers, while some in their friendships. Some desperately searching for it in nature outside,  while others within themselves. Some on their way home, while some still stumbling and lost. Yet, the faces reflected content and peace.

Time escaped fluidly through the contours of life and as the orange sky narrated the epilogue of the sun’s melancholy, the last traces of the crimson melted into the deep blue shade of the night sky and then there was a different story altogether. As the transient flashes of the intermittent headlights of the passing vehicles danced their way into the bus, the translucent veil of equanimity was pulled off the happy faces, their eyes belying every ounce of the pretense they had so meticulously wrapped around themselves. It was the same expression everywhere, the uncertainties, the insecurities, the agony of  heartbreaks, and the pain of dejection. The emptiness of loss, the longing for love, the disappointing choices and the unfulfilled dreams. Each and everyone was fighting a battle, against the world, against themselves, and that moment, that evanescent moment in the dark and winding highway, reflected their true essence. They were, who they were meant to be and not what they had been made. They knew, they had to survive their ‘twelve hours’ before they could be reunited with a better tomorrow, a perfect tomorrow, their tomorrow. Till then they will survive, till then they will smile.

Slowly, one by one, they gave in and let sleep carry them in her comforting arms. My eyes were tingling again, but this time I did not hold back. I was safe, I was alone. I let every emotion that had piled up till that moment trickle down my face and slowly make its way into oblivion. I looked out the window and the crescent smiled back at me. It was a strange feeling, as if the moon was trying to comfort me. I looked at her enigmatic presence and then realized something. Something that had escaped me all these years, something that people had failed to see. In the night sky amidst all the stars, the moon stood alone. Yet, it smiled and comforted people in the unnerving darkness. The message was loud and clear. I took one last look at the now peaceful faces around me and then at the moon, I thought about the sun and about the better tomorrow. Like everybody else I had to fight my battle,I  had to survive. With new found respect in those comforting faces I closed my tired eyes.


  1. It felt so so real !
    At the last line, I realized I hadn’t blinked while reading the whole piece..
    Simple in style.. captivating in essence..
    It made for a wonderful read!
    I will come back here and read this when I find my “twelve hours” to be too heavy to handle.
    Going back inspired! 🙂

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