The Mute Expressions Project on Facebook



First of all I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you, who have shown their love for this blog by visiting, liking, commenting and following. The response and the love that this blog has received within a span of  9 months has been a dream. I had no idea what to expect when I had started this blog in April. I had been writing mostly on my Facebook wall, notes or the word document named ‘ran-dumb’ on my laptop. WordPress just happened one day when I saw my friend’s blog. I was apprehensive. I didn’t know if I would fit in. I was afraid to put my writings out there in public, not knowing what kind of reactions they would get, as most of them were inspired from personal experiences. But then something happened that I had never imagined of. People from all around the world started reading what I had written, they could relate to the emotions poured down as verses, they would share their own experiences. It was a wonderful feeling to have found like-minded people. There was so much to read, so much to learn and so much to write.

Then, in the month of November my love for music, writing and spoken poetry led to the creation of my own Spoken Poetry project – The Mute Expressions Project on Sound Cloud. I also have a side writing project – The Diary of a Zombie, which I update every now and then, mostly with prose. And now in my attempt to bring all my work under one roof, I have created this page on Facebook,

So, if you happen to tread the lanes of Facebook, you could sometime take a turn towards The Mute Expressions Project, where you shall be greeted as old friends with the warmth of poetry and the comfort of prose. 🙂


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