FUQs – Frequently Unanswered Questions

What is Mute Expressions?

It’s a Blog. More like a diary where I like to put down my thoughts . You see, I tried writing on paper, but I just hate my handwriting, so, a blog was the best alternative. It also saves paper, If you are an environmentalist. You know the thing about these thoughts is that sometimes they like to start riots inside the head. Medicines don’t work on them, so something drastic needs to be done. I usually drill a hole in my head and sleep on my keyboard. I wake up and find these words and sentences on the computer screen. They make absolutely no sense, but the headaches are gone. So I just let them be, until the hole heals and the whole cycle starts over again.

It’s my ‘Fight Club’ , if you know what I mean *Winks*


  1. “…but i just hate my handwriting.” There, I’m not alone hating my own handwriting, lol! and…i got your comment on my recent post, && i accidentally deleted it, so sorry about that, but thanks for dropping by. Happy new yearrr! 🙂

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