FUQs – Frequently Unanswered Questions

Okay, I still don’t get one thing. I f you say it’s your diary, then why is it out there in the open? Aren’t diaries supposed to be secret and personal, hidden inside secret compartments of your writing desk? 

You got me! I am an attention addict (read whore), who loves to share each and every aspect of his life on the internet and expects people to read/like/comment/share so that  my insatiable hunger for acknowledgement is satisfied;  Or maybe not. 

Even if that was ‘The Reason’, I wouldn’t tell you, because it would spoil all the fun. You see, it is indeed incredible (no sarcasm intended) how creative people can get with their “Opinions” (read Judgments). I mean, I love to deflect this particular question with a very obvious but well fabricated back-story, just for the kicks of it .

It starts with how I have always been a shy and introverted person who finds it difficult to communicate anything more complicated than high school mathematics. Then it goes into how growing up, this disability led to a lot of suppressed emotions that didn’t find any outlet and it was even more difficult with puberty messing with my hormones and everything. Then it gets even better. I get all emotional and sell how this lack of communication often led people to judge me as an asocial person and how that pushed me farther into the depths of isolation( Sometimes my ingenuity even surprises me). This part gets people hooked and now they start believing everything I say. 

Then comes my ‘Accidental Writing’ story. I go on about how one day when I couldn’t cope with all that was going on around me, I sat down and put everything into words and put up the whole thing on Facebook. 

Now, why did I do that?  I knew I had to have a good reason for that, without sounding like an attention-seeker, and once again my brain came to my rescue. 

You see, this was my way of communicating. What I couldn’t express vocally I did through the written words. I wanted people to not judge me anymore and ‘listen’ to what I had to say and some of them did listen. People related to what I had to say, they understood and after all these years I finally felt I belonged. I was not alone. After that I never looked back. 

*Hello! (Waves hand) You with me?*

FUQs – Frequently Unanswered Questions

But, why Mute Expressions? Why not something like, ‘The Blog’ or ‘Dear Diary’ or even better, ‘The Super Awesome Blog-Diary of Anshuman Dash’?

You know what, I was this close (makes a gesture bringing my thumb and fore-finger close together) to using ‘The Super Awesome Blog-Diary of Anshuman Dash’, but unfortunately they said, it was too good and ahead of its time and that the world was not ready for it. So I had to settle for Mute Expressions.

I liked the sound of it and also it was the title of the second thing I ever wrote. It was this clichéd and teen-agery attempt to pen down how I felt about this girl I liked who liked this other guy and I wanted her to notice. I was always a wuss when it came to expressing, you see? Anyways, it obviously didn’t work out, and I am grateful it didn’t.

Anyways, the first thing I had written was called ‘Negativity’. I couldn’t have used that, too emo for a blog title, don’t you think? I didn’t want people to get all judgy, at least not more than they already were. On top of that, most of my family is internet savvy these days. A blog named ‘Negativity’ and the next thing you know, I am on my way to a shrink, because my parents think I am some sort of a closet depressive.

 Mute Expressions, I am not even sure if that’s grammatically correct, but what the hell, it has a good ring to it. In fact I liked it so much that I wrote a sequel to the first Mute Expressions. But more on that later.

The Diary of a Zombie

Hello everyone!!

I know it’s been a long time since I have posted anything on the blogs. To be really honest, I have found myself uninspired and lost. I quit my old job and have joined a new one and the change might have had a small role to play in all of it. I have dearly missed this place and I think I am back for good now. There is so much to write and so much more ro read.

In the meantime, I have created one more blog. I don’t think I will be updating it too often. It’s something I have had in mind for a long time now and it’s a long term project. Basically it’s a darker and gloomier version of my current blog, almost like an alter ego.

Here is my first post on the new blog. Hope you like it.

The Diary of a Zombie – The Beacon