Crowdfunding To Help A Friend Produce Her First Song


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The fundraising is for a friend, Shahd Syoufi, who is an extremely talented and fiercely passionate musician. Shahd comes from the city of Homs in Syria. Presently, she lives in Germany where her family moved in back in 2013, given the situation in Syria, because of the civil war.

“I have dreamed of becoming a singer since the day I learned to talk, maybe even before that”, she would say when asked about her passion for music.

As a kid, she was encouraged to pursue her passion for singing where she used to perform at school functions and sometimes at family gatherings. But coming from a society where music, dance and other such art forms are mostly frowned upon when pursued by women, she lost the support from her family when she came of age.

But, things changed (mostly for good) when she moved to Germany where she is more free from the boundaries of a restrictive society. She is twenty-three and studying at the University of Stuttgart. She is a fierce advocate for women’s rights especially in the Arabic world and wishes to inspire women to pursue their passions and dreams and fight the restrictions of the society they live in.

Currently, she is working on her first song and she wishes to produce it by the mid of this year. The song will be in Arabic, and will urge women to think about their lives and think freely. But, being a student, and trying to live independently without depending on her parents for finances, while facing criticism from her community, she needs our help.

I am trying to raise funds to help her with the logistical expenses of producing the song. If you are willing to contribute (any amount) please do not hesitate to contact me for any details.

Here are a few of her singing videos –


Daughter – NaPoWriMo 2015: Day 18

She was born
with an illusion of choice
gifted to her
by generations
of traditions
poisoned by time,
and preserved by
the ignorant minds
who claimed to have
her best interest at heart

Locked up in the tower
of her age she was
the Rapunzel,
whose youth was an investment
that would yield,
a treasure so precious
that it would corrupt
the minds of those
who had sworn
to defend her,
and keep her freedom safe

The purpose of her life
was dictated by
the dreams of those
whose senses
were blinded by
hypocritical alibis,
and actions guided by
their misplaced egos

She was sold
in the end, to a life
decided by those
who had
tears on their faces
and smiles in their eyes
as she bid goodbye
holding on to her
Illusion of choice.

The Girl By The Window


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The girl by the window she sits,
draped in thoughts unknown to this world
Eyes in black, beautiful and tired,
She waits for sleep to carry her home

A scarf in maroon sits proud,
Around her neck, flowing down like a fall
Stripes of white on cotton blue,
Sheath her body slim and slender, so well

Arms folded, lips pouted slightly
She looks blankly at the scenery outside
Free flowing in a blur of colors,
Reflecting the expressions on her face

The screen on her lap it blinks,
Plugged in, charged up and screaming
She steals her moment away and dives,
into the banality of life’s beckoning

The train, with time, keeps rolling,
As I try to capture the picture in poetry
The girl by the window sits lost in thoughts
As my words help me narrate her story


Something I wrote about the girl who sat opposite me on the train, while on my weekend trip to Mysore, India.

I Wish


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I wish you could send me the essence,
the essence of the weather in a bottle
A bit of the rain, a bit of the wind,
and a bit of your feelings,
mixed together

I wish you could send me the melody,
the melody that hums in your heart
A bit of the joy, a bit of the sorrow,
and a whole lot of love,
playing their part

I wish you could send me the time,
The time from your life in a box
A bit of the seconds, a bit of the hours,
and a bit of the years,
ticking in a thought


I would like to thank my friend, Bhumika. The first four lines are taken from a conversation we were having.