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Like a Self-Destructing Calamity
One moment at a time
obliterating myself, my life
like a dying star.

With a black hole for a heart
an irreparable void,
consuming all the love I had,
a darkness I could not avoid.

You were my change, my reason to live
My inspiration for everything I did,
You were my blood, I was your vampire
Like the wolverine, for my moon I aspired.

What happened now, why did things change?
I tried my best, but, constantly failed
Picked up myself, put a smile on my face
For you my love, faced every disgrace

I promised my life and gave you my soul
When you expected a part, I gave you the whole
You were my symphony, a cure for my heart
And now you are gone, shredding it apart.

I had promised I will not cry
be strong, is all that I can try
It shall be hard, a burden to bear
with no one to listen, no one to hear.

But, the world will see a happy face
of pain and hurt there shall be no trace
Move on like the clock on the wall
I am a human after all.




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Erase me from the annals, for they remind us of things that should have been forgotten. Erase me from the memories, for they keep us alive in times that should have passed. Erase me from your heart, for it holds on too tight to fickle reflections. Erase me from your life, for tomorrow I shall be the story that wasn’t meant to last. Erase me from the stone that might have carried my name on a grave. Erase me from the wall that might have held onto my face behind a glass. Erase me from every eye, every face, that might lament my absence. Erase me, for I am the train that was just supposed to pass.



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The search for inspiration has been a congenital struggle for mankind since its inception; the driving force that propelled the engines of freethinking, which eventually led to progress; Progress which drove our civilization forward. Ever since the beginning of time it has helped men realize their own true self both within itself and outside. It has helped them do what only the Gods were believed to be capable of; create.