The Artist


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A downpour of thoughts from the skies of limitless possibilities, through the layers of creativity, falls into the ocean of imagination, twisting and turning, running through the streams of belief. It creates life and paints it with colors in all its shades and all of this magic happens in the dimly lit corner of a noisy cafe filled with an oblivious crowd.



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The search for inspiration has been a congenital struggle for mankind since its inception; the driving force that propelled the engines of freethinking, which eventually led to progress; Progress which drove our civilization forward. Ever since the beginning of time it has helped men realize their own true self both within itself and outside. It has helped them do what only the Gods were believed to be capable of; create.



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It’s there, nestled somewhere,
Somewhere deep within your heart
Peeking out every now and then
Teasing you,  pushing you to start

Open up your eyes and look around
Look around, your own self
Breathe in what you see out there
And breathe out what you felt

It’s Your world, in Your words
Words that crave your thoughts,
Simple, complex, unseen, arcane
Stories, ideas, poetry and plots

You are a master magician,
A magician of the verse
The Universe is your stage
For you to stand up and rehearse

Follow not the words, but walk,
Walk beside your own thoughts
For Inspiration will walk up to you
and hand you, whatever you had sought