“When You Love a Storm” – Debut Book Launch

“When you love storm, remember,
You never lose even though you’re bruised.
You find yourself and your freedom,
and that’s a good thing.”

When You Love a Storm” is the first collection of poems by Anshuman Dash and it tells the story of a man discovering beauty in the transience of love and coming to peace with the idea of letting go.

The book will be launched by the end of August and will be available for free download Here.

If you would like to follow the latest announcements, please follow the Facebook Page Here.

Nuts to Sense, 50days50styles Challenge – Day 5 (Blitz Poem)

Kick some butt

Kick some nuts

Nuts of steel

Nuts we steal

Steal from stores

Steal some more

More we want

More we need

Need breeds greed

Need will bleed

Bleed with swords

Bleed with words

Words will kill

Words will heal

Heal this world

Heal your will

Will this work?

Will this fail?

Fail yourself

Fail the test

Test your skill

Test your strength

Strength in charachter

Strength of knowledge

Knowledge is Wisdom

Knowledge is power

Power pumps pressure

Power corrupts people

People kill People

People want to rule

Rule like the king

Rule over the wind

Wind will hit you

Wind will knock you down

Down falls the man

Down like the rain

Rain will wash you

Rain will cleanse you

You will then rise

You will be wise

Wise like the owl

Wise with a scowl

Scowl with your brows

Scowl like you mean it

It is getting late

It is making no sense

Sense is gold-plated

Sense is overrated



Evolution, 50days50styles Challenge – Day 3 (Alphabet Poetry)

A windy day
Breaks into the
Chest of a
Dying spirit, and
Evolves into a
Firey monster that
Grabs on to the
Helms of his
Insipid dreams and
Jerks him out, and
Knocks him down
Liberating his
Mind which
Now believes
Often, and
Questions to the
Right answers
Set by the
Thoughts of his
Unfaltering mind,
Vacillating no more
With doubts
Xeroxed from the
Years of failures
Zipped inside his chest.

Daughter – NaPoWriMo 2015: Day 18

She was born
with an illusion of choice
gifted to her
by generations
of traditions
poisoned by time,
and preserved by
the ignorant minds
who claimed to have
her best interest at heart

Locked up in the tower
of her age she was
the Rapunzel,
whose youth was an investment
that would yield,
a treasure so precious
that it would corrupt
the minds of those
who had sworn
to defend her,
and keep her freedom safe

The purpose of her life
was dictated by
the dreams of those
whose senses
were blinded by
hypocritical alibis,
and actions guided by
their misplaced egos

She was sold
in the end, to a life
decided by those
who had
tears on their faces
and smiles in their eyes
as she bid goodbye
holding on to her
Illusion of choice.

Question – NaPoWriMo 2015: Day 17

He was asked –
Why do you do the things you do?
Why do you write?
Why do you fight
every single day with your inner-self
and then,
How do you sleep at night?
Don’t they scare you?
The thoughts in your head
Don’t they whisper?
Don’t they pick on your fears,
When you can’t fight
and then,
feed on the wrath inside?
Don’t they scream in your ears
when you try to meditate?
Don’t they leave you
blind sided at times?
Don’t they light up your world on fire
and then,
Leave you stranded in the desert
when there’s no water in sight?
Do they know you are there?
Do they know you’re alive?
Do they know that you hold the power
to shut them forever,
or let them live to see the light?

The Circle Of Life – NaPoWriMo 2015: Day 16

What was once
a playful respite
for the thoughts of
an innocent child
now lies
barren and parched
begging the sky
for mercy

What was once
an exploding volcano
for the spirit of
a rebellious youth
now rests
tired and defeated
begging time
for mercy

What was once
a deep ocean
for the intellect of
a wrinkled sage
now sleeps
wise but impatient
begging life
for mercy

Judge The Book By Its Cover Contest – Enchanted Verses

Wisdom tells us not judge a book by its cover. But we are the new age generation that has always questioned conventional wisdom!

Judge our poetry anthology by looking at the cover page and its poem.

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Enchanted Verses – An Anthology of Poems on Love, Life & Poetry (Out Now)

Words are magic spells that bloom as poems if you take time to immerse yourself. Forging such words into poems, we provide you with three flavors – Love, Life and Poetry itself.

Who are we?

We, Rhyming Coders – a group of 9 poets from IT field,  took it a step further and relentlessly pursued it.  Our dream; to take our poems and publish them as an anthology is now a reality!!

What is it the book about?

Enchanted Verses” is a commentary on Love, Life and Poetry itself.  View the definition of poetry through the eyes of the poet.  Ride our depiction of ttranquilityand storms of love.  Be immersed in our poetic descriptions of various phases of life. We hope that you : the commoner, the critic and the connoisseur can get to enjoy it as much as we did creating it!

This one is for those who want to intellectually stimulate their leisure, a treasured gift for the one you love, to share light hearted momemts with friends, or to experience love and its phases in rhythmic verses.

Poetry has broken free from classrooms right into your hands. Go grab a copy now!! Hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed writing it.

Where can I get a copy?

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