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I still remember the times when the upper berth in the train used to be a whole new world. When the aisle used to be my airstrip on which, if i could run fast enough,I was convinced I could take off and fly to the ceiling. When the windows used to be a portal to another universe and that if I blinked fast enough I could take a picture of every tree that passed by. When every passerby was a long-lost friend and every hawker was as fascinating as the hanging beds. How my mother’s lap used to be my stronghold and the blinds my walls. I was a king and the train was my kingdom. The possibilities were limitless and more importantly I believed in them.



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Like the ghost of a forgotten dream, drifting peacefully across the river of bleary thoughts, you make your way through the somber eyes of a defeated soldier. Like a firefly, burning through the night sky, your face flickers deceptively before my weary eyes. Like a shadow at dawn, insignificantly real, your presence is felt fleetingly before disappearing into the light of the rising sun. Like an incomplete story, craving for an end, your existence haunts the failed writer.

The Naive Sailor


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The stillness of the wind,
Reminds me of the night by the fire side,
Where I sat painting my words on the sand.
When the trees played me lullabies,
And memories guided my hands.

Drifting on the tides of hope,
I had let go of the oars.
Like a mad man in the open sea
I had went around chasing ghosts.

The storm had been ruthless,
Unforgiving and savage,
Like a beast,
It had devoured,
The sinking boat of my dreams,
In a barbaric feast.
Until nothing had remained of the naive sailor,
Lifeless and broken,
Floating on defeated waters.

Dear Friend Marley


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Marley my friend,
You sing of life as we wish to live
You speak of love as we wish to have
You speak of freedom as we wish to taste
Not a moment in this life to waste

Dear friend Marley,
I hear you sing out of the radio,
I listen to you, sitting beneath the summer sun
A bud in my hand and poetry on my mind
I would have helped you sing
But I don’t know the words to this song

Marley my friend,
The more I listen to you the more you make sense
My tipsy mind questions my existence
Have I lived or merely existed
Have I lived it well or did I have it wasted?

Dear friend Marley
It’s time to go home now,
Go back to the life I had paused for a while
Will you come with me today
Or will you be gone for a while??

I am afraid I’ll lose you there,
I’m afraid you’ll never come back
I wish to talk to you soon
I wish to find you again in this lifetime

So I guess this is goodbye then,
until meet again,
I hope to find you well, my dear friend
You have shown me the way
You have shown me the life
and how to live it each day
I hope I’ll remember the words
The next time we meet
In this lifetime or may be the next.

Let’s Talk, Dear Friend


Let’s talk my friend, you and I,
Let’s meet over a couple o’ beers,
Let’s find ourselves again, in the middle of the crowd,
and forget, for a moment, who we were
Let’s talk of yesterday, let’s talk of tomorrow,
Let’s talk of the times of the great sorrow,
Let’s talk of adventures on the highway,
Let’s just forget about what happens of today
Let’s talk of love and all the women we could never date
Let’s talk of the bloody time that would never wait
Let’s talk of this world, about things big and small,
Let’s figure out, where we went wrong; when did we build this wall?
Let’s talk of things we’ve done and the thing’s we’ll do,
Things that’ll go past me and you,
Things of old and things of new
Things of which we never knew.
Time will come  and time will go,
What becomes of us, my friend, we’ll never know
So, let’s talk my friend, you and I,
Let’s meet over a couple o’ beers,
Let’s find ourselves again, in the middle of the crowd,
and forget, for a moment, who we were.