“When You Love a Storm” – Debut Book Launch

“When you love storm, remember,
You never lose even though you’re bruised.
You find yourself and your freedom,
and that’s a good thing.”

When You Love a Storm” is the first collection of poems by Anshuman Dash and it tells the story of a man discovering beauty in the transience of love and coming to peace with the idea of letting go.

The book will be launched by the end of August and will be available for free download Here.

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Afternoon Romance


Photo Source: http://lovely-pics.com

The heat, now emanating from her body,  slowly flows through my icy fingers and I , oblivious to the sudden jolt of pain, sit completely lost in her lustful fluidity. In a moment of complete surrender I pull her close to my lips just to stop inches away – the tease. If she could play, I could too. I smile.  Her aroma fills my entire being radiating a certain unexplained warmth through my body. I had made my move, but it had not worked. She knew better. She had sensed my weakness. I couldn’t resist her any longer. She moved teasingly in my hold as I accepted defeat.

Sitting in the middle of a crowded food court, I sipped on my sweet hot afternoon tea.

First Kiss


Photo Source: http://www.sodahead.com

I have wondered often,
How it would feel,
When spaces disappear entirely
And our trembling lips meet
Swaying fluidly as one,
Yours leading mine,
A waltz to the rhythm of breaths
We dance, lost in time

I have wondered often,
How it would feel,
When we part fleetingly to see,
and believe if it’s real
I kiss your eyes closed and
You show me a dream
Together we write symphonies
which our lips can sing

I have wondered often,
How would the first kiss feel,
As honest as my words portray,
Or something different entirely?