Beginning Of The End – NaPoWriMo 2015: Day – 20

What do you do?

When all you can do

Is wait;

Anxious and restless

As time plays

its game

Like a serial killer

Before it slays

its victims

In slow motion

You pray

for the end to

Embrace you


It’ll liberate you

And take you

To a place where

There is no space

For the minutes

To fill in the days

As the last drops of blood

flows out of your veins

And you’re left with

What you had craved for

In the first place –

A beginning

to your end.


Twenty Seven

Yes! I am twenty-seven years old, and
No! This isn’t the “Perfect Age” to get married at all
Yes! There is a lot in life I need to learn, but
Thank you very much; I can do it on my own

Yes! I am twenty-seven years old and I am single
sorry Mom, but I am not ready to mingle
Yes! I am a Software engineer living in Bangalore
No! I will not do an MBA just because it pays more

Yes! I am twenty-seven years old, and I am Happy
Is that so hard for you to believe, really?
Yes! I write poetry and I enjoy it
No! I won’t go to the shrink just because
you think I am a depressive

I maybe clueless about a lot of things in life
Grilled by time like turkeys on Thanksgiving night
But if there’s one thing
One thing I know for sure,
No matter what happens,
I will not give up this fight,
I will endure

I will trust myself and learn to be happy
Won’t worry too much, ’cause it ain’t worth it
Make mistakes, fall down, stand up and move on
Because what I have today, I know,
Tomorrow will be gone

You may call me a rebel, a black sheep
Or a wild horse – Even better
’cause, in the end, when all is said and done
None of this will really matter

So, why should I feel any less?
For things that wouldn’t matter anyways
I will live my life the way I should, and
I will live it like a man who’s got nothing to lose
I will make the wrong choices and regret it
Close my eyes, wake up, and forget it
Forgive those who hurt me, and hold no grudges
‘Cause let’s face it –
Who’s got time to hate?
When there’s so much love in the world anyway
And who’s got time to wait,
When life is so short you could just count it in days

Yes! I am twenty-seven years old, and
They say I should seriously consider growing up
If all that I just said wasn’t grown up enough
I am glad I am not one,
And to my dear grownups –
I wish you all The Very Best of Luck!


They broke her, piece by piece, and she let them, until there was nothing left to be shattered. The shards of what was left became her reality. She had lost her identity. She didn’t want to be saved, because there was nothing left to be salvaged. Her only hope was time, that held the power to erode all her memories, and set her free. But every time an attempt was made she would shut herself up and hold all her memories tight against her chest; a protective mother holding her children when she senses a threat. She would rather perish than let anything happen to them and that was her fate in the end.

Past, Present and Future


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A winding carpet laid down for me,
twisting its way through the woods
beckoning  me to take a walk
to the distant land called Tomorrow
Beyond the great wall of time,
through the greens and grays of life
I am promised I shall discover a place
Where all the answers I will find
But the Present chains me down
with my roots buried deep in its heart
I can barely move my feet –
I am a tree in the forest of my Past



Painting By: Paolo Uccello

A time traveler’s  dream
A dreamer’s reality
A fortune teller’s muse
A may fly’ s mortality
Uncertain in existence
Unknown  in its form
Shaped by perceptions
Defined by our actions
A treasure of mysteries
bequeathed by the present
Sometimes unclear
Sometimes transparent
Revered by some
Feared by others
although a work of fiction
on the surface of reality
it hovers

Let’s Talk, Dear Friend – The Song

This is a demo very crudely recorded, to be submitted as a reference to the 3rd Week’s Assignment on Pat Pattison’s Songwriting Course I am taking on The loop used in the background is also from the class resources supplied by Pat.

We had to write one Verse(Stable) and one Chorus(Unstable). I used one of my earlier poems as a reference as many people had suggested it could be made into a song.

I have never sung/composed in my life so this might sound pretty cacophonic. But, then it is purely for an academic purpose and a little fun too 🙂

Let’s Talk, Dear Friend

Let’s talk my friend, you and I
Let’s get some beers and catch up on those years
Let’s find ourselves in the crowd
n’ together let’s remember who we really really were
Let’s talk of things that we’ve done
and all those little little things we could never really do
Let’s; pick up from where we’d left
act crazy, talk sleazy and in the morning have no clue

’cause time will come, and time will go
What becomes of us my friend, we’ll never really know
So let’s talk let’s talk my dear friend
Let’s go…. get those beers

PS: If you would like to make a song out of it/re-record it, feel free to do so and link back. Cheers!


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Time had slowed down completely and he could see the seconds trickle down the glass surface of his wall clock like little drops of mercury. It could have been minutes or maybe years, there was no way to tell. To him it made no difference. Time was his only friend, his only muse. He could see her flow through his fingers every time the second-hand on the clock challenged equilibrium, taking away little pieces of him. But he didn’t care. Sometimes he could swear they were one, time and him, and in those moments there was no other truth that existed for either of them. The stillness that lingered was their universe and in that moment they were invincible.

But things were different today. He could not feel her anymore. Piece by piece, she had consumed him and what was left of him were just a handful of breaths. But he still did not care. He had lived.


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Every face will disappear and every spirit will fade into the sun. The days will melt away into hours and the hours will vaporize into seconds, right before our eyes, beneath the clear blue sky. The fire of freedom will crackle at our feet and we will dance around it like proud centaurs – victorious in our battle against life.