We Are What We Are (A hitRECord Collaboration)

Hi All,

It’s been a long time since I posted anything. Things have bee crazy, but I think I’ll be updating the blog more often now. In the meantime I stumbled accross hitRECord.org, and I have been addicted! It is a brilliant ┬ácollaboration platform for artists. Do check it out.

Since the inception of this blog, I had always wanted to fuse poetry with different art forms, but lacked the essential skills to do that. But now I can, thatnks to the community of incredible artists all over the world.

So, here’s my second collaboration( or REmix, as they are called) on hitRECord,


Let Poetry Be!

A clip from my performance from the inaugural show.

A first-of-its-kind show in Bangalore, Let Poetry Be (in collaboration with Strip Tease, the graphic art magazine) is a free platform for the youth to express themselves, shedding aside the usual boundaries and drudgery of life. This platform will see poetry coming to life, through reading, music, art and every and any other forms of artistic expression. Through it’s events, Let Poetry Be will bring young poetic voices and seasoned ones under the same roof to share their creations

Events hosted by Let Poetry Be will welcome cupfuls of expression ranging from joy, angst and love to envy, rebellion and more. With the help of these collective cupfuls, the vibes of the youth and poetry, Let Poetry Be aims to sculpt a giant melting pot; a pot of ideas, creativity, colours, music, art and everything fun.

Poetry knows no description nor does it know any identity. As a result, the element of poetry, although sedate and unassuming on the exterior, is a brimming volcano of passion and a wild tsunami of colours and energy on the inside. It is this colourful energy that Let Poetry Be, is tapping into.

Shed your shackles and be part of the experience third Saturday of every month at Atta Galatta.

You can find them here, https://www.facebook.com/letpoetrybe